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Wen Ken Drug Co (Pte) Ltd
Yap Khai Jian

Indran Shanmuganathan

Your ref: SD/TM/4395109(IS/YKJ)
Date: 24th March 2017

Dear Sirs,

Slander to Goods and Defamation in respect of the article entitles “AIR CAP KAKI TIGA BAHAYA?” posted in Root of Science on 10/3/2018

I, would like to extend my sincerest apology to Wen Ken Drug Co (Pte) Ltd for the written posting on Air Cap Kaki Tiga (hereinafter referred to as “your Client”) for the written posting on Air Cap Kaki Tiga (hereinafter refered to as ‘the product’).

The article was published in an effort to defend your Client’s product and reassuring its relative safety due to numerous enquiries received from the public about allegations of harmful effects caused by your Client’s product. Attached below are various postings by third parties on social media alleging the harmful effects of consuming the product.

Example of the malicious comments posted on Twitter about the product

Example of the malicious comments posted on Twitter about the product

Example of the malicious comments posted on Twitter about the product

It is my intention to undertake responsibility based on well-researched evidence, due to public confidence in the integrity of our panel’s qualifications, to ensure that the product is not misunderstood as a harmful product as per alleged by third parties. The article was written in my capacity as a pharmacologist and a consumer who have used the said product in the past.

I humbly apologize if my attempt to clear the ridiculous myths, untruth, defamatory statements and slanders on the product had caused any inconveniences to Wen Ken Drug Co (Pte) Ltd. Kindly be informed that in toto, the article was not intended to be construed as a defamatory statement against your Client.

In the written article, in paragraph 3, I mentioned clearly that this product can be found on National Pharmaceutical Registration Agency (NPRA) under ‘traditional preparation’. To which I further explained about the safety of this product. It has been approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia to be sold as a traditional preparation and does not contain any harmful ingredients.



Hasil carian dari web NPRA, air cap kaki tiga didaftarkan bawah sediaan tradisional.

Buat yang menghambur-hamburkan kemarahan mengapa produk seperti ini diluluskan KKM – mohon bertenang. Sediaan ini disahkan tiada bahan beracun, tiada logam berat dan tiada bahan aktif yang memerlukan preskripsi doktor. Seperti garis panduan produk sediaan tradisional.

Jadi, apakah bahan yang terkandung dalam air cap kaki tiga?

Dari label yang diberikan, ia hanya mengandungi GYPSUM FIBROSUM (dan calcitum).”

Figure used in the article showed JAKIM Halal logo, KKM registration number and hologram

I further mentioned in the article, the said product contains GYPSUM FIBROSUM. It is important to highlight that in a few postings on social media, by other parties, the said product was untruthfully mentioned to contains ASPIRIN. This drug is not suitable for Malaysian consumption where dengue is rampant. In my humble opinion, it is important for the public to have a clear explanation on this matter. Scientific evidences on GYPSUM FIBROSUM as antipyretic and its relevance in traditional medicine were included in the REFERENCE section of the article.


“ Bersalahan dengan telahan beberapa pihak yang menganggap ia adalah sejenis herba. Ia bukan herba, tumbuhan atau binatang. GYPSUM adalah mineral kalsium sulfat (natural) yang banyak dijumpai dalam kehidupan kita sebenarnya.

Gypsum banyak digunakan dalam pembuatan tauhu dan taufufah. Kadang-kala, ia juga digunakan dalam pembuatan kuih-muih sebagai ganti air kapur (lime water atau kalsium karbonat).”

In the next paragraph, I explained clearly – the consumption of the said product is NOT HARMFUL in any way, and instances were given of mineral water consumption in our everyday life and ‘hard water’ consumption (with high calcium content) in the City of London.

The gypsum used in the said product is categorized as a mineral based gypsum which was defined in the Chinese Pharmacopeia and manufactured under a GMP. It is different than the gypsum used for tauhu/ taufufah/ cement / plaster.

Paragraph 4 and 5:

Paragraph 6,7,8,9:


Air cap kaki tiga adalah seperti air minuman bermineral. Macam air mineral. Cuma ia spesifik dengan mineral kalsium sulfat.

Gypsum fibrosum atau ‘shi gao’ dipercayai dalam perubatan tradisi cina sebagai agen penyejuk. Minum air shi gao, sejuklah badan. Macam minum air mineral. Begitulah asasnya.

Penulis juga pernah tinggal di London beberapa tahun. Airnya paipnya payau dan jika dibiarkan akan meninggalkan kerak seperti batu kapur kerana tinggi kandungan mineral kalsium (magnesium dan kalium).”

In the last paragraph, I concluded the consumption of the said product is NOT HARMFUL for a healthy adult:

“Bagi orang DEWASA yang sihat, tiada masalah ginjal dan tiada masalah kardiovaskular – mengambil air yang tinggi mineral tidak mengakibatkan masalah. Jika sesekali mengambil air cap kaki tiga juga tiada bermasalah. Janganlah pula jadi tabiat.

Janganlah sampai bermasam muka bila disuruh emak minum air cap kaki tiga lepas makan durian, ya?”

The said product is registered as a Traditional Chinese Medicine product with the Ministry of Health (MAL number 20034048TS) and cannot be considered as mineral water only.
The said product is safe to be consumed by the public (for a long term) by adhering to the recommended dose stated on the product packaging without any unfavourable effect.

Although the above statement may sound unfavorable, this article has been shared on the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (See below) and KPDNKK Facebook accounts. The approval and recommendation from these reputable websites, in my opinion, will alleviate the public outcry against the said product. It is my intention for the said product to maintain its reputation as a safe traditional preparation in the market.

Article shared on KKM page to answer the public outcries against the said product

Article shared on KPDNKK Official Page to answer the public outcries against the product

I hereby offer my deepest apology if the written article entitles “AIR CAP KAKI TIGA BAHAYA” had caused any inconveniences to your Client. If any consolation can be offered, this article has, in some point, gained back the public trust upon mentioned product.

It is worth to mention that the article received many positive feed backs on the said product and has been shared over 7000 times on Facebook alone.

Positive feedback from Sahabat Halal

Example of shared post by private premise (private pharmacy)


Positive feed back from public on our page

Another feed backs on the page that posted untruthful remarks about the said product after the publication of my article

Example of feed back from consumer

Public comment on one of the pages that posted untruthful remarks about the said product after the publication of my article


To further show my regrets, the article will be retracted from any social media platforms. I hereby plead Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, KPDNKK, Biro-Biro and Cawangan-Cawangan Farmasi and any related agencies to remove the article from their public websites. I further extend my request to any public or private pharmacies and related premises to stop using this article, although it is used in the best intent; to reassure the safety on the said product to their customers.

I offer my apology to the public for any misleading statements in my article. The article was written without any malicious intent and with my good faith to reassure the safety of the said product for public interest.

Yours sincerely,

Normala Abd Latip, PhD